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Nantong Gongtai Construction Co., Ltd. rises from Hai'an, the famous hometown of architecture, in the north gate of Nantong, Jiangsu.


As a modern integrated enterprise with construction as its main business and diversified development, the company has 8 domestic construction branches and two overseas and Jiangsu Qifeng Heavy Industry, Jiangsu Hongdu Real Estate, Jiangsu Qundu Steel Structure, Jiangsu Bangshang Decoration. And 5 professional (sub) companies such as Nantong Longyang Labor Service. There are more than 7,000 construction workers and more than 700 engineers and technicians.


Nantong Gongtai is a “contract-abiding and heavy-credit” enterprise awarded by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The corporate banking credit was rated “AAA” by the Dahua Guoxin Credit Rating Co., Ltd. The company is the “Advanced Collective of Quality Management” and the “Advanced Collective of Safety Production Management” of Nantong Construction Engineering System, “Civilized Unit” of Hai'an County, and “Star Enterprise of Construction Industry”. The company's trade union is the “advanced grassroots trade union” of the housing and urban-rural construction system of Jiangsu Province. The company has passed ISO9002 quality, health and environmental system certification. It is one of the top 100 growth enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the top 30 growth model in Nantong City, and the top 10 construction enterprises in Hai'an County. It is one of the Nantong Construction Iron Army Powerhouses.


Quality creates the brand and reputation wins the market. 

Nantong Gongtai has the first-class qualification for general contracting of construction engineering, the second-class qualification for steel structure engineering, the second-class qualification for decoration and decoration, and the third-level qualification for municipal public works general contracting. The company's civil engineering and plumbing installation, steel structure manufacturing and installation, municipal public works construction, building decoration and landscaping services cover more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. In 2018, the company completed a construction area of ​​more than 5 million square meters, achieving a total construction output value of nearly 4 billion yuan. Each building branch can independently undertake more than 200,000 square meters of unit engineering buildings, and the passing rate of the completed projects is 100%, and the contract performance rate is 100%. In the past three years, the company has won 50 honorary titles such as “civilized construction sites” and “safe and civilized demonstration sites” at the provincial level and above, more than 40 engineering structure awards at or above the provincial level, and more than 40 provincial and municipal QC work results awards.

In recent years, the company has seized the development opportunities of the “Belt and Road” and strove to explore the foreign construction market and achieved remarkable results. The company has established one overseas and two overseas departments to provide special services for overseas projects. Foreign markets such as Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia have been opened up. At present, the first and second phases of the Indonesian project have been completed, and the third phase of the project is under construction.


Nantong Gongtai adheres to the principle of administering enterprises according to law, strengthening enterprises with science and technology, establishing enterprises with quality and developing enterprises with culture. The vertical and flat management architecture highlights the powerful execution. At Gongtai, the core values ​​of “Customer First, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Innovation, Respect for Employees” are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; “The company vision of becoming a customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, profitable, full of vitality and innovative spirit” has become a work The spirit of the Thai people chasing the dream of the enterprise; the corporate tenet of "serving people's livelihood, satisfying demand, and promoting social civilization and progress" has always been the solemn commitment of the workers and the people to the whole society; "In progress, Gongtai brings beauty to the society! "It is the social responsibility of the workers and the Thai people who have no hesitation! The enterprise spirit of "patriotism and dedication, pursuit of excellence" is always the lofty pursuit of the workers and the people!

Gongtai people will make persistent efforts to provide high-quality products and satisfactory services for domestic and foreign customers, and work together with the community to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

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