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With greatest joy and expectations, we welcome you to join our team and welcome you to devote to building career of our country.

The process from school graduation to entering into the society is an important transition, to be more precisely, it is the essential change of the living role, which means that you have translated to bear more social responsibility from depending on the society.

In this conversion process, a potential and nonnegligible influence is from the merging degree between the cognitive level to new environment and culture. During this conversion process, you need to integrate into Gongtai group as soon as possible, know well the new working and living environment as soon as possible, and to know own role and duty, so as to plan career, complete the career transition of initial start-up stage and enter into growth stage and contribution period as soon as possible.

Firstly, you need a proper attitude. A new environment is realistic to the self-updating function for people, such kind of realistic function needs to be constantly enriched via environment and self-understanding in the environment, as everyone has different attitude and means to complete the adaptive process of occupation, or everyone has different degree of recognition and interest to the opportunity appearing in the process, someone can smoothly pass adaptive phase and march toward the peak of career, while someone encounters various barriers before achieving success and runs aground own original intention. Philosopher says that the type of idea decides behavior, the behavior decides the result, how far could you go depends on the people who you accompany. To new environment and new culture, you can only face with sincerity and understand with objectivity, proactively acting is the wise choice.

Secondly, you should strive for a qualified staff. The purpose of employment is to let you make unique contribution for the unit. Generally speaking, to be a qualified staff, you must make self-improvement from the following four aspects: first, career as the most important, devotion to duty, passion in job, rich in responsibility and teamwork spirit. Science and technology change quickly, career fluctuates, continuous improvement depends on dedication, secondly, be modest and prudent, the unit values personal competency more instead of good education background and professional background, especially, for some graduates from well-known college, only real strength can make you achieving results in the work and winning colleague and unit's approval. You should be passionate, modest and gentle, pay attention to the interests of the whole to build good interpersonal relationship with the surroundings. In the beginning of working, you can put aside your own lofty ideal and start bit by bit, thirdly, enjoy good health, abundant physical power to support work and undertake heavy working pressure, fourthly, possess necessary knowledge capability of post, no matter where you are in the post, you should grasp the rules and ability to adapt to the working post via exercise and learning.

Standing in new origin, set progressional sail. Acknowledge Gongtai to give us the stage of pursuit and dream! Acknowledge Gongtai to give us the opportunity of development and endeavour! Acknowledge Gongtai to give us the space of making good use of wisdom and ability! Let us taste hardships of entrepreneurship, share the joy of success, envisage new challenge of life and create glorious future!

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