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The company held the launching ceremony of the 2019 "Safe Production Month" event

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On the afternoon of June 6, the company's 2019 “Safe Production Monthevent kick-off ceremony was held in the video conference room on the first floor of the company. The company's chairman and general manager Lu Hongyin, deputy general manager He Yongxiang, Xie Chunzhen, union chairman Cheng Jun and the company's departments were responsible for The person and all the employees at the rear attended the meeting. He Cunwang Branch, Tang Fuqiang Sub-company, Tang Yong Branch, Wu Yifei Branch, Northeast Project Department and Anhui Project Department attended video conferences in Tianjin, Yinchuan, Tangshan, Xinjiang, Qiqihar and Anhui Huaibei Branch respectively.

The meeting was presided over by the company's trade union chairman Cheng Jun. Zhang Henglin, the company's security chief, first reported the safety production situation of the national construction industry and the safety production status of our company in the first half of this year, and put forward relevant requirements for the safety production of the whole company in the second half of the year. Xie Chunxuan, the deputy general manager of the company's safety production, has comprehensively deployed and arranged the company's safety production from eight aspects: establishing a sound safety production responsibility system, ensuring effective production of safe production, and improving safety technology management at the construction site. The trade union chairman Cheng Jun then arranged this year's safety production Ankang Cup knowledge contest. Comrade Yu Changsheng, the safety director of He Cunwang Branch, made a statement.

Finally, Mr. Lu, the chairman and general manager of the company, further clarified the requirements for this year's “Safe Production Monthcampaign, put forward specific goals and measures, and consolidated the responsibility for safety management to the branch and project department.

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