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The company's five QC team outstanding achievements were commended

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    On March 18, nantong construction industry association issued a decision to commend the outstanding QC team achievements of nantong engineering construction in 2019, and five achievements of our company won the third prize.

    Yin fengyu QC team won the third prize of innovation for "innovation of elevator shaft guardrail fixation method" and "innovation of cast-in-place plate thickness control method". "Improve the primary qualification rate of external wall rock wool insulation board construction" and "improve the primary qualification rate of steep slope roof concrete forming" won the third prize of field type. Lingwu city vocational education center engineering xu jinrong QC team "thermal insulation decoration integrated board paste quality control" won the third prize of problem solving.

    Science and technology strong enterprise is the firm governance enterprise grasp. In recent years, the company vigorously carried out mass innovation and excellence activities, stimulate the enthusiasm of front-line construction personnel innovation and excellence, the formation of a strong scientific and technological innovation atmosphere, has achieved good results.

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